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Our bird food subscriptions are the best way to stay on top of your bird feeding regime, with nutritious filler-free food that will bring more birds to your garden! 

Subscribe and save

Knowing what to feed your birds and when can sometimes leave you a little confused about what you may need to purchase to keep the birds that visit you happy and healthy.

Our subscriptions ensure your feeders stay topped up with all the food your birds need for the changing seasons.

What's better yet is that all of our mixtures are filler-free - meaning no mess, no fuss, and more importantly - you'll bring more birds to your garden. 

Setting up your bird food subscription with us is easy, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Pick a delivery frequency and bag size that suits you - delivered straight to your door monthly or quarterly. 


Get nutritious filler-free food that will benefit your birds throughout every season and save you up to 15%.

Receive extra advice on caring for birds as well as exclusive discounts on our other products