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Our Story

Feeding birds is one of our most rewarding pastimes. Through nurturing our nature, we in turn nourish and enrich our own existence, and the simple sight of birds in our gardens evolves into something quite extraordinary.

We believe that to keep experiencing birds in our gardens, we have to better understand the role we play, no matter how small, in contributing to their future. With 200 years’ experience in the seed trade, we have spent the last 5 years shaping what we think that may look like.

Cheap, wheat-filled bird mixes have saturated our supermarkets and online spaces for many years. Mixes packed with nutritionless filler product offer little to no benefit to birds and will go uneaten, and difficult to clean feeders can encourage the build up of bacteria and contribute to the transmission of fatal diseases for our wildlife. Through our research we have recognised that this is not a sustainable model for feeding our wild birds now, and won’t be in the future. At Birdkind, we believe we can change this.

Our promise to you

We want to make a difference and that starts with a few promises.

Our bird food – filler free forever.

We have curated a range of some of the most nutritious mixes available for wild birds that are and will be, wheat free forever. We promise to use the highest quality grains, seed, nuts and fruit and never fill out our mixes with unnecessary extras. All of our mixtures and ingredients have been reviewed and approved by independent ornithology experts, and we plan to continue working with them to always make sure we’re providing the best bird foods possible.

Our non-food products

We will only sell high grade products from suppliers with a long-standing reputation for quality

  • No single use plastics
  • FSC wood where possible
  • Backed by our manufacturer’s guarantees
  • Crafted to maximise bird comfort & safety

Our bird feeders are weather resistant and come with guarantees ranging from 2 years to a lifetime.

Our bird homes are made from FSC wood or innovative WoodcretePLUS™ that stands the test of time to provide many a season of safe nesting. Many other products are made from sustainable materials for long term use.

Our packaging

When we started our journey into the world of sustainable packing, we had a clear idea of what we wanted however we soon discovered it’s not quite there yet.

The reality of storing, packaging heavy products and delivering them to our customers in good condition using environmentally friendly materials has been one of our toughest tasks to navigate. For now, our bird food is poured and sealed into heavy duty bags that are made using recycled plastic materials and can also be recycled. These products are then packaged in recyclable boxes.

We aim to send all of our products out with as little packaging as possible, whilst keeping the product in good condition.

We continue to research better ways to package and send out our products, in a way that will benefit both the environment and our customers and welcome any of your feedback on how best to do this, drop us an email to