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Everyday Essentials Bird Food

  • Excellent daily dose of nuts, seeds and fruits
  • Suitable for all birds big and small
  • For daily feeding
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Everyday Essentials provides a balanced blend of all of our feathered friends' favourites.

Your ever watchful birds will enjoy the generous combination of fruit, nuts and seeds that reappear for them daily. The welcome addition of raisins is a tasty energising treat for all, whilst the blend of husked and non-husked seeds encourages a variety of birds big and small to feed. Prepare to see some familiar faces with this mix, as well as a whole host of new guests.

Most of our food products contain nuts or traces of nuts and are made in an environment that handles nuts. Because of this, we do not recommend that you handle any of our bird food products if you have a nut allergy.


   Groats (Oats Only)

Groats is the name for oats that have had their husk removed. Removing this extra layer helps birds to digest less of the stuff they don't need, such as chaff, and more of the stuff they do - like wholesome oats. For the same reasons we enjoy them in our own breakfast, oats provide slow release energy that allows wild birds to maintain their weight and manage their energy levels - keeping them fuller for longer.

   White Millet

White Millet is a tiny seed that is favoured by small birds and ground feeders. Although it is small in size it certainly packs a punch as it is full of slow release carbohydrate. This small seed can be easily missed by bigger birds, which is why it's great to have in a mix to make sure that everyone gets a balanced feed!

   Pinhead Oatmeal

Pinhead oatmeal, although small in appearance to you and me, is packed with good fats and rich oils making them a very tasty snack for a wide variety of birds. The 'pinhead' here refers to the oats being chopped up into manageable mouthfuls for little beaks. Pinhead oatmeal is particularly popular with ground feeders who like to enjoy their meals in peace without the threat of bigger bills butting in!


Peanuts are a familiar favourite for many birds due to their protein-rich kernels. Calorie laden and full of fat, peanuts present the perfect treat for birds in your garden that will help see them through the changing seasons, allowing them to gain weight easily and conserve energy efficiently.


Oystershell is ground up Oyster that helps to aid birds digestion. It allows them to grind down harsher husks so they can get straight to the seed. Also a great source of calcium, oystershell is a great ingredient to have in your bird food mix to help out your feathered friends.

   Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower hearts are a go-to for easy-to-access nutrition for smaller billed birds. Sunflower hearts are huskless striped sunflower, so this mean less mess for you and more food for your wild birds. Full of fat and oil, these seeds offer a no fuss, no mess feed for your smallest and most discerning 'customers'!


When fresh fruit isn't easy to find, raisins make a welcome discovery for tired birds who need an instant energy boost. As they are high in natural sugar, wild birds will flock towards these in winter to increase their energy levels. This also helps them to gain weight and keep warm in the colder months.

   Kibbled Maize

Kibbled Maize is simply Maize (corn) that has been put through a process to break it up into smaller, more manageable pieces for birds to consume. Maize is great for boosting energy as it is full of filling carbohydrates and fats.

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