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Garrulus glandarius

The eurasian jay can be a tricky one to spot as they tend to stay away from humans, but the right food will help you befriend them.
Key Information

About the Eurasian Jay

Eurasian jays are a typically shy bird that tend to spook easily, but their slow, jerky flight with a fluctuating path is easy to recognise. They are fairly intelligent, and may even play games or engage in other unique behaviours with one another.

Identifying features:

Their bill is black and the overall plumage of Eurasian jays ranges from pinkish to red-brown in colour with a white rump. Their wings are black and white with a brilliant patch of blue with black patterns. This blue-black patch along with their white rump helps identify them during flight.


Length: 34-35cm
Wingspan: 52-58cm
Weight: 140-190g

What they eat:

In the garden jays will quite happily take seed mixes, suet and mealworms as well as peanuts and sunflower hearts.


Where and when to see them

Woodlands, parks, gardens, farmland and hedgerows are the preferred habitat for jay birds.

Bird Calls

Jay’s most recognisable call is a hard raucous ‘Kraaa’ and almost dog like barking ‘Caar’ which is often repeated in flight.