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House Sparrow

Passer domesticus

Known for their great expeditions and explorations around the world, the house sparrow is known for their travelling tendencies.
Key Information

About the House Sparrow

Often found in cities and in the countryside, the house sparrow is a particularly social bird. Typically found near homes, they love to be in the company of people and their buildings. They are also one of the easiest to see because they are very comfortable around and have adapted quite well to human habitation.

Identifying features:

They can be identified with their chestnut black and black patterns, with a dash of white on their wings. Their beak changes from yellow brown in winter to black in the warmer months.


Length: 14-15cm
Wingspan: 21-25.5cm
Weight: 24-38g

What they eat:

House sparrows aren’t fussy eaters and will take flight directly to your feeder for anything from seeds to nuts.


Where and when to see them

Found in both cities and the countryside, but more frequently they will inhabit where they are closer to people and their buildings.

Bird Calls

A simple song of one or a series of cheep or chirrup notes.