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Carduelis chloris

A colourful bird species that showcases flashes of bold yellow and striking green, making it easy to spot in your garden spaces.
Key Information

About the Greenfinch 

Greenfinches are avid seed eaters, as they were blessed with a strong and substantial beak made for breaking into husked seeds that smaller birds can’t. You can spot them feeding in your garden for up to half an hour making sure they get their fill of nourishing seeds.

Identifying features:

Greenfinches showcase an olive green plumage with greenish-yellow on the breast and rump, and have bright yellow wing flashes.


Length: 15cm
Wingspan: 26cm
Weight: 28g

What they eat:

Greenfinches love black sunflower seeds or hearts, peanuts and a wide variety of seed mixes.


Where and when to see them

Greenfinches will habitat in woodlands, parks, gardens, farmland, hedgerows, towns and cities.

Bird Calls

The song of a greenfinch contains call notes and a series of twitters and wheezing notes.