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Carduelis carduelis

The goldfinch can be characterised by its fiery red cheeks and noticeably pointy beak, perfect for extracting seeds from teasels and foraging through thistle blossoms.
Key Information

About the Goldfinch

The delightful goldfinch is well known to be a highly social bird that will flock right after breeding season ends, and will migrate in thousands at times. The collective name for a group of goldfinches is a charm, which we think fits perfectly due to the beautiful twittering sound that they make.

Identifying features:

The goldfinch has an easily recognisable red face and its head is white on both ends with a black patch on the top. It has a light brown body with white patches on the breast and a combination of black and yellow wings.


Length: 12cm
Wingspan: 21-25.5cm
Weight: 14-19g

What they eat:

In the garden goldfinches will come to feeders containing niger seed and sunflower hearts.


Where and when to see them

Goldfinches prefer woodlands, parks, gardens, farmland and hedgerows but are becoming more and more regular in our towns and cities.

Bird Calls

The goldfinch song is a sweet and cheery series of notes, fast in pace with jingling notes and short rasping sounds.