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Regulus regulus

Nicknamed 'king of the birds' due to it golden 'crown' crest feather.
Key Information

About the Goldcrest

Due to their tiny size, it was once believed that the goldcrest would be unable to migrate and instead, would ride on the back of short-eared owls. Proving their critics wrong, the goldcrest has been found as far afield as Japan and the Himalayas.

Identifying features:

The goldcrest has a greyish-green overall colour with a black and yellow stripe on its head, and an orange centre among adult mates. The female is similar but lacks the orange centre on her head and will normally have a pale belly.


Length: 9cm
Wingspan: 14cm
Weight: 6g

What they eat:

Although they love small insects, spiders and flies, the goldcrest will source out a variety of seeds and store them for later.


Where and when to see them

Although frequently spotted across the UK, they do prefer conifers and mixed woodlands, in addition to these they will use parks, gardens and hedgerows.

Bird Calls

A goldcrests’ song is a very high pitched and fairly quiet repeated song.