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Fringilla coelebs

Easily recognisable because of their colourful plumage that outshines them all. Displaying hues of pink, white, black, brown and grey, they are a sight to behold.
Key Information

About the Chaffinch 

A very friendly garden visitor, a chaffinch bird is known to be a very polite and friendly bird. Rarely showing any signs of aggression, apart from when they are protecting their nests. Interestingly, they have regional accents so depending where you find them across the UK, they will have a varying song.

Identifying features:

A male chaffinch boasts a bright plumage with vibrant colours, but their female counterparts are seemingly less appealing with a more muted overall colour.


Length: 14.5cm
Wingspan: 24.5-28.5cm
Weight: 18-29g

What they eat:

Their preferred food is a varied seed mix or straight sunflower hearts.


Where and when to see them

Chaffinches choose to habitat in woodlands, parks, gardens, farmland, hedgerows towns and cities.

Bird Calls

A chaffinches song is a series of notes descending in pitch and accelerating in pace.